TWO whole shows about female superheroes and they couldn't be more different. and yet...
  1. Listen, I watch both these shows, and I like both these shows, and both shows are flawed but have legit made me cry in sheer surprised exhilaration over seeing a cool girl superhero on tv.
  2. Jessica vs Kara
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    Jessica is a badass hard drinker who probably has PTSD after a tragic accident, sudden acquisition of super strength, and an extremely abusive relationship. Kara is a sweet, nerdy Kryptonian who landed on earth too late and ended up in her cousin Superman's shadow. They're both trying to find their place in the world, as women and as heroes.
  3. Trish Walker vs Alex Danvers
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    Jessica and Kara were both adopted when they were teenagers, and both have sisters nearly the same age whom they had rocky relationships with at the beginning but are now their closest friends and greatest allies. Trish is a famous radio talk show host and former child star who helps Jessica as much as she can (and may have an interesting hero journey of her own in the future). Alex is a secret agent at the DEO who works with Kara to distinguish alien allies from alien enemies.
  4. Luke Cage vs Jimmy Olsen
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    Luke is a hunk with unbreakable skin whose wife Jessica killed while under the mind control of her abusive ex. She then became a bit obsessed with him. Jimmy is a hunk with a Pulitzer who moved from Metropolis to help Kara figure out how to be a hero like her cousin. She then became a bit obsessed with him.
  5. Malcolm vs Winn
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    Malcolm is Jessica's neighbor and (recovering) heroin addict who betrayed her for a fix but also seems to have a sweet crush on her. Winn is Kara's coworker and tech nerd who knows her secret and also seems to have a sweet crush on her.
  6. Kilgrave vs Maxwell Lord
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    Kilgrave is an insane and insanely powerful mind controller whose powers are very confusing (how do they work? how does that 12 hour thing make any sense? particles transferred through the air? really??). He loves Jessica for being the only one to ever resist him, has a penchant for purple, and a good tailor. Maxwell Lord is an insanely rich green tech billionaire whose powers and allegiances are yet to be determined. He hates Supergirl, has a penchant for purple, and a good tailor.
  7. Famous Friends and Future Squads
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    Jessica runs into Daredevil's buddy Claire Temple, who offers to put them in touch since they have some things in common (but it really just seems like Claire wants an excuse to call him). Kara's "cousin" is oft discussed and never seen (except in flashback silhouette). Kara gets messages from him via his buddy Jimmy and also instant messenger for some reason? I guess he's busy but still. Future Squads: The Defenders vs Justice League
  8. Jessica
    Jessica Jones is super dark and violent and deals with issues like alcoholism and addiction, rape and consent, family tragedy, many different kinds of abusive relationships, and guilt and lust (all mixed up).
  9. Supergirl
    Supergirl is super cheesy and nobody ever seems to bleed. It deals with issues like hiding her identity behind a nerdy, unassuming facade (wonder where she got that idea?), navigating her role as an alien ally in a sea of potential alien enemies (including her aunt) and dealing with her demanding boss and saving the world at the same time.
  10. But they both deal with how to be a woman and a hero in a world that doesn't know what to do with that.