I loved Logan. I thought it was grim, brutal, beautiful and nearly perfect. Well cast, acted, written, shot and with great design. A little bit Children of Men (Children of X-Men?), a little bit Mad Max, a little bit Shane. Here are some of my favorite details, large and very small.
  1. When Logan puts on reading glasses with the tag still hanging from them.
  2. Logan's vaguely futuristic limo and the crazy car chases it lumbers through.
    When it drags that fence around, it's so mad max.
  3. Stephen Merchant as Caliban. All of it.
  4. Charles' amazing tank room - reminiscent of Cerebro, and his sad little gardening table.
  5. The R rating - worth it not for all the brutal claws through heads, but just to hear Charles finally, finally get to say Fuck.
  6. Pierce - gold tooth, neck tattoo, drawl. check, check, check.
  7. The Liberty motel signage - both the beautiful neon and the gold lady over the office sign.
  8. How one of Logan's claws won't extend all the way. When he manually pulls it out, the pain is palpable.
  9. The wistful father daughter cowboy display in the casino.
  10. When Charles and Laura watch Shane together in the hotel room, and the way it sticks with the very observant Laura and comes back to her later.
  11. The idyllic golden wide shot of the family farm house as they sit down for dinner.
  12. When Logan offers Charles the remote.
  13. The score.
    this amazing atmospheric sci fi / country mash up.
  14. Logan's deterioration, from the amazing sfx makeup to Jackman's great grizzled performance, to his heart wrenching statement to Laura: "I am Fucked Up."
  15. When the kids trim Logan's beard. Such a lost boys moment.
  16. When Laura turns the cross sideways into an X.
  17. Johnny Cash.