they might not be the most classic of the classics, they might not be categorically my favorite pieces of filmmaking, some of them might not even be, you know, GOOD, but I will watch them over and over forever. I might not be proud, but I'm not guilty either. I am probably watching them right now.
  1. Austenland
    Very silly movie featuring the combined charms of Keri Russell and Jennifer Coolidge, it somehow manages to poke fun at Jane Austen fans while still delivering everything they might want.
  2. Speed
    A man, a woman, a bus. I saw this movie four times in the theater. Keanu at his peak, Sandra in her break out role, ridiculous action, great chemistry.
  3. Mighty Ducks II
    I love sports movies and I love movies about ragtag groups of kids and I love Joshua Jackson. Also this movie came out when I was 13 so I think I'm allowed.
  4. Remember the Titans
    I love sports movies, especially cheesy ones with overarching social commentary. They always make me cry.
  5. Elf
    This movie makes me smile more than possibly any other movie ever, mostly due to Will Ferrell's 100% full on earnest masterpiece of a performance. So great.
  6. 13 Going on 30
    I don't know what Mark Ruffalo is doing here, but i love it. He seems vaguely embarrassed but that just makes him more lovable. And the plot of an 80s teen magicking herself to the early 2000s and figuring out how to be a grown up is pretty great too. Jennifer Garner is charming with moments of brilliance, and her extremely toned Alias body is only slightly distracting.
  7. Step Up 2: The Streets
    This is my favorite dance movie in the history of dance movies, and I love dance movies. Sure, the leads are a bit boring, but the supporting cast makes up for it, and the plot is pure delight from start to finish. Also, even nearly 10 years later the choreography is fucking cool. Great dance numbers, so much fun.
  8. Easy A
    Emma Stone might be one of the most charming creatures on the planet? I'll love any teen movie with a great female lead, even if it does have a nonsense plot.
  9. Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead
    This movie holds up so well. The plot is great and strangely relevant, Christina Applegate gets to be a badass, and all the dated stuff from the technology to the fashion just adds to the charm.
  10. God Help the Girl
    Really small sweet musical by those belle & sebastian folks, with great songs and charming style.
  11. Galaxy Quest
    Just really smart and funny, with a great cast and Tim Allen playing to his pompous, smarmy strengths.
  12. The Kings of Summer
    Stylishly and hilariously captures the nostalgia and insanity of being a teenage boy.
  13. Penelope
    Christina Ricci plays a girl with a really very cute pig nose who falls for a con man and gambler played by really very cute James McAvoy with silly hair. Great supporting cast and fanciful fairytale world of quaint magical realism.
  14. Working Girl
    Melanie Griffith plays an ambitious career woman who overcomes insane 80s hair, a jersey accent and a backstabbing boss to land a great job and a Harrison Ford of her very own. Plus, Alec Baldwin and Joan Cusack.
  15. Empire Records
    The first time I saw this, my friend and I rented it from the video store and watched it three times in a row. At the time, I thought it maybe changed my life. 90s as all hell, angsty and so much fun.
  16. Desperately Seeking Susan
    Still the coolest movie to come out of the 80s. What Madonna lacks in acting ability she makes up for in style. Also Rosanna Arquette and Aidan Quinn are great.
  17. Earth Girls Are Easy
    It's bonkers that this movie exists. Valley girl Geena Davis finds three furry aliens in her pool and shaves them to find Jeff Goldblum, Jim Carrey and Damon Wayons underneath.
  18. Chalet Girl
    Felicity Jones is so charming as a working class girl and former pro skateboarder mourning her mom, who takes a job working for rich people at their ski chalet in the Alps. She bags a rich hunk and reboots her dream, this time as a snowboarder.
  19. The Sapphires
    I just can't say enough about this darling movie. Chris O'Dowd becomes the manager of an aboriginal girl group in the 60s, convinces them to sing soul instead of country, and they go to Vietnam to perform for the troops. Great songs, great performances, so sweet.