wackiness + dedication
  1. Julianne Moore, Magnolia
    Her monologue in the drug store feels like if an alien watched a bunch of soap opera reruns and tried to act like a melodramatic human. In a really great way.
  2. Alan Rickman, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
    He's the only one who knew that the movie he was acting in was campy nonsense, and he took it all the way.
  3. Will Ferrell, Elf
    Just really respect his complete willingness to sell it hard.
  4. Michelle Pfeiffer, Batman Begins
    Watching her reach her full potential for crazy scary badass is dazzling to behold.
  5. Andrew Scott, Sherlock
    A strange unexpected performance that makes it totally impossible to predict each word, each intonation, each action, and just what the hell his whole deal is. Turns a potentially boring typical villain into an unhinged, charming enigma.
  6. Steve Martin, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
    He just really goes for it.
  7. Eva Green, White Bird in a Blizzard
    She is in a different movie. She is Bette Davis and Joan Crawford and every campy fever dream. No one knows how to react. Shailene is totally bewildered.
  8. Nicolas Cage, Moonstruck
    Totally crazy over-the-top ridiculous goofy melodramatic hunk, but like before he became a parody of himself so it's really real and really good.
  9. Enrico Calantoni, Galaxy Quest
    I'm pretty sure he speaks only by inhaling instead of exhaling. This is not easy. With his little head movements and fascination with humans I really believe he's an alien. Like maybe he and Julianne Moore are from the same home planet.
  10. Holly Hunter, Miss Firecracker
    She embodies this kind of manic fragility that is really fascinating to watch and really uniquely hers, and this movie is the best example of it. (I love her.)
  11. Sam Rockwell, The Way Way Back
    Sam is always pretty whacked out nutso, so much so that this performance is maybe pretty tame. But his complete ease at being a believable weirdo is shown to great effect, and it's so damn charming.
  12. Nicole Kidman, To Die For
    You can see the brilliant sparkle of crazy in her eyes.
  13. Jeremy Davies, Secretary
    He's such a twitchy weirdo in such an unnecessary way. Did no one think to say, hey, this movie isn't about you, so maybe take it down a notch? But I like it.
  14. Anne Bancroft, Great Expectations
    Tragic and great and mean and ridiculous, a caricatured idea of a person from a child's memory, she is so real and also so much larger than life.
  15. Harold Perrineau, Romeo + Juliet
    I never saw Mercutio quite this way, but I get it, and I'm with you.
  16. David Tennant, Jessica Jones
    He lays the psychology of his own omnipotence out for all to see. Creepy and weird and not at all what you'd expect.
  17. Keanu Reeves, Much Ado About Nothing
    He loves Shakespeare so much and his sneer is so dedicated that he ends up bringing campy melodrama to every scene.
  18. Joan Cusack, Addams Family Values
    Girl! 💁
  19. Vincent D'Onofrio, Men in Black
    I really believed that a giant alien cockroach had eviscerated him and was just wearing his skin around.
  20. Michael Keaton, Beetlejuice
    I mean, come on.