I work in the art department for movies and tv and web sketch comedy. some things I've done:
  1. buy out all the veggie hotdogs at two whole foods so that Jordana Brewster could take a bath in them.
  2. throw handfuls of dollar store underwear at Bruno Mars
  3. furiously blow up a huge bunch of balloons that are needed immediately! (balloon blowing up should be a happy and stress free activity.)
  4. find, purchase, gut and sink a beautiful 70s pick up truck in a lake
  5. mix up a realistic substance for semen (both edible and non)
  6. commission a muppet-like puppet of a fetus (that could rap)
  7. borrow a full-sized taxidermy mountain lion and haul it up a mountain in the wilds of Colorado
  8. create last minute edible internal organs from ingredients found at a nearby bodega (veggie sausage, beet juice), and then convince Billy Crystal that they are edible (he was skeptical to say the least).
  9. let James Van Der Beek wash my car
  10. make cans of whoop ass for Stone Cold Steve Austin to open up (actually Chef Boyardee Mini Ravioli)
  11. provide a cocaine substitute for Ralph Macchio to snort
  12. take all the library stickers off of books in a library, so they just looked like books in an office (and then put them back on)
  13. furiously put together a 2000 piece puzzle so characters could finish it in a scene (another usually stress free activity)
  14. stand inside an elevator with a naked Eva Green
  15. build a swimming pool. on a hill. and fill it with water during a terrible drought. and then empty it the next day.