for posterity 💁 guys, lists like this make me feel like I'm in seventeen magazine, and that's a dream come true. thanks for indulging me.
  1. clubmasters forever 👓✌️
    A glasses wearer since the age of three, I went through a brief phase in high school where I thought contacts would change my life (because all the teen movie makeovers told me so!) but I quickly went back behind the comforting and stylish protection of the eyeglass frame. glasses wearer for life. ✋❤️
  2. wacky print shirts
    my favorite work look is skinny black jeans, boots, and a wacky patterned 80s or 90s button down, buttoned all the way, with a brooch or a necklace. it's kind of business casual, but in way that says, I'm creative, and even maybe, I work in comedy tv. Plus it's not fussy so I can still get my hands dirty.
  3. chambray and denim button downs
    I've embraced the uniform of today, but I try to dress it up with a crazy necklace or an animal print blazer. I think I have 6 denim shirts and 5 denim dresses. 😬 perfect when I need a palate cleanser from all the crazy prints. also great for work because it's put together but sturdy.
  4. (black) skinny jeans til the end
    they'll probably be completely out of style soon but they still make me feel hot (no thigh gap required 🙄).
  5. Free People boots
    they all have interesting detail and texture and feel special and feminine, yet badass.
  6. short, voluminous dresses I can dress up or down
    must have pockets and probably should be black
  7. animal print
    love it. can't help it. my go-to for dress up (other than all black) since it just seems glam and timelessly cool.
  8. trying to deal with my curly hair
    I'm currently way overdue for a haircut and mostly try to contain the curls in high buns and side braids.
  9. statement necklace, large brooch or bolo tie every day
    Some of my favs: a huge turquoise and silver beaded phoenix purchased at Olvera Street in LA, a massive wooden bead necklace which is the perfect hybrid I created from 3 imperfect thrift store necklaces, a jeweled snake choker by Betsey Johnson, and a big eye brooch by Buried Diamond.
  10. I'm pretty much a maximalist in every way but currently in a minimalist earring phase. I still collect giant crazy earrings but I've been wearing these gold stick earrings by Kathleen Whitaker for 8 months now.
    Maybe it balances out my necklaces.
  11. a denim jacket
    I have 3. my fav is a weird oversized 80s silhouette with huge pockets. (the more pins and patches the better.)
  12. a men's Pendleton jacket
    or all of them. the men's are just cooler.
  13. the occasional tshirt is required
    not a big fan of tshirts but they are sometimes necessary here in California. at least I can wear silly ones and rep some of my favorite artists. (this one is by Small Spells.)
  14. a few good sweatshirts
    I love sweatshirts. I'd live in them if I could. Camp Brand Goods has really soft perfect ones with a vintage vibe.
  15. a basic black leather crossbody purse
    I've been using the same thrifted one for 2 years. it's smallish, so I don't carry around too much junk, and very sturdy, and goes with anything. I love all bags and am super tempted by designer bags, but in the end this is all I really use.
  16. very minimal makeup
    I love lipstick, I just don't have the patience for the upkeep. when I really care I'll do classic red or hot pink, but otherwise it's Chapstick all day. I also love nail polish but my job is too hands-on to make a manicure last. I love bold eyebrows so usually my goal is to keep them groomed and fill them in a little. I might need to learn a real grown up beauty regimen soon, but in the meantime it's just moisturizer for me.