Inspired by @evagomoore
  1. a painting of a boy holding a french horn that I saw at a thrift shop in queens
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  2. my grandma
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  3. the two best lunch coolers I ever saw, at an amazing hardware store in rural Illinois
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  4. my bff
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  5. an armadillo on a shelf in a weird little take out place in koreatown
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  6. this portrait of my grandpa, which is maybe my favorite picture I've ever taken
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  7. me and one of my favorite people - I was happy even though my eyebrows had just been severely over threaded and I looked extra surprised all the time.
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  8. this palm tree heart
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  9. my friends at work who let me rope them into elaborate instagrams - this one inspired by a stack of 70s and 80s portraits of entertainers we found in a back room at the studio
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  10. this actual dust graffiti I found in an abandoned building - it's wistful and sad but I love it
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  11. this abandoned clementine in venice
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  12. this fox I saw in the wilds of colorado
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  13. me and my momma
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  14. this NFS Virgin Mary I saw in a thrift store
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  15. me and my brother
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