1. getting to use a photo Annie Leibovitz took as your profile pic
  2. having so many iPads you could make a fort with them
  3. having to get people really extravagant gifts
  4. questioning your own taste all the time because some hack publication does
  5. making people seething mad or deliriously happy by doing almost nothing
  6. finally having the money to buy stuff but now people wanna give it to you for free
  7. wondering if any interaction is for real
  8. having people feel like they know you when you're totally sure they don't
  9. having people talk about your age and weight and marriage like it's not rude AF
  10. reading fan fiction you are a character in
  11. having an action figure
  12. people talking about how you give them "all the feels" (so creepy)
  13. people "shipping you so hard" with someone and you're like ew, don't use that phrase and also, no way in hell