1. Bea Arthur who was a truck driver for the Marines in the 1940s before going on to star as such bad mood badasses as Maude and Dorothy
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  2. Georgia O'Keefe
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  3. this girl getting her school picture taken with a laser background
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  4. Mary, aka the virgin with the crown
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  5. Molly Ringwald
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  6. this girl going to a dance
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  7. these two Armenian women taking up arms to defend their town of Zeitun during the 1895 Hamidian Massacres
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  8. brilliant reclusive photographer and bad babysitter Vivian Maier
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  9. Virginia Woolf
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  10. Nina Simone
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  11. this Tahitian girl
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  12. Bette Davis
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  13. these suffragettes
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  14. Rosa Parks
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  15. Frida Kahlo
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  16. these brunettes and redheads boycotting Gentleman Prefer Blondes
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  17. these girls dressed up as pickles
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  18. Cyndi Lauper
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  19. these Houston, TX 1974 bowling champs
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  20. Pat Garrett's wife, holding the gun he used to kill Billy the Kidd
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  21. these BFFs
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  22. Madame Lambinet, 1887
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  23. this lady who is not happy to be in a William Eggleston photo
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  24. Donna Lethal
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