Since the beginning of 2016 I've been working non stop 14h days. Now that my latest show has wrapped, I get a break. Unfortunately as a freelancer a break feels less like a much needed vacation and more like a terrifying abyss of unemployment in which no one will ever hire me again. So, a list to distract myself and embrace the vacation vibes.
  1. Walk everywhere.
    listening to Lemonade on repeat.
  2. Explore and take pictures of my favorite LA stuff.
    The apartment buildings in the valley with names like "The Dunes" and "Castle Court" in scripty fonts, the deserted magical side streets of Chinatown, the crumbling old Hollywood glamour of Broadway, the seedy charm of east Hollywood, the industrial decay of Vernon and Boyle Heights.
  3. Thrift like my life depends on it.
    Maybe if I really never get a job again I can open an Etsy store. 😬
  4. Engage Politically. Educate Myself. Speak Up.
    When I don't like what's being said, I tend to tune out. But that's not the way to change the conversation. When I'm working long hours it's an easy excuse to focus on the job and ignore what's happening in the rest of my life and the world around me. But it's cowardly and lazy and when I emerge back into the world after a job, it's a hell of a shock. So, figure out a useful way to participate in this revolution.
  5. Go to the movies.
    Nothing like the magic of a dark, cold room on a bright, hot summer's day and the anticipation of a story you don't know yet.
  6. Celebrate my birthday at the Madonna Inn.
    I booked this room with sparkly pink wallpaper.
  7. Watch a helluva lot of RuPaul's Drag Race.
    A perfect show to binge on when you're living in funemployment limbo, I finally experienced the joy of this show and am completely caught up in the beautiful combination of creativity, wit, showmanship and vulnerability these queens put out into the world everyday. (Sharon Needles is currently my hero as I just busted through season 4 on Amazon.) It's also just really inspiring and relevant as we all figure out how to fight the good fight right now.
  8. Take the train from Seattle to Minnesota in a sleeper car through Glacier National Park.
    A romantic yet solitary dream.
  9. Hang out with my family at our rustic lil cabin on Pine Island in northern Minnesota, complete with bats and an outhouse and too many people and pancakes with fresh blueberries picked on the island and a walleye fish fry that is maybe the best thing I've ever eaten, and cedar saunas and jumps in the lake and valuable time with my little siblings.
    Last year my entire family was there except for me and I just will not miss it again.
  10. Be social.
    When I'm working so much nothing sounds better than lying alone in the dark and not talking to anyone. Communication is exhausting. But now, geezus, maybe I should go on a goddamn date or something.
  11. Go see some great art in LA.
    Like LACMA's upcoming Guillermo Del Toro: At Home With Monsters exhibit 😍
  12. Cinespia Slumber Party at Hollywood Forever. 💖
    Just one of the best LA summer events
  13. Some general reminders
  14. to myself
  15. and all of us living in the world today