I just have a dream house in my mind. it's probably somewhere in Iowa where I grew up, surrounded by cornfields. it's actually quite a lot like my grandparents house, which is already my favorite place, but with a few minor additions.
  1. maybe it looks a little like this
  2. or this
  3. and the paint is peeling a bit
  4. and there's a gate out to the fields in back
  5. a pink mailbox
  6. an epic porch with lounging spots
  7. and a great vantage point for rain storms
  8. and screen doors that bang shut
  9. a cranky rooster who wakes us up like a jerk
  10. cozy cheerful bedrooms like this
  11. and this
  12. and this
  13. with old floral wallpaper, wrought iron bed frames and cranky cats
  14. and filled with books like this
  15. and lots of nooks to sleep in
  16. like this
  17. and this
  18. and this
  19. and this
  20. and this
  21. a little attic with more sleep nooks
  22. like this
  23. or a big one like this
  24. and hammocks everywhere like this
  25. and this
  26. outdoor baths
  27. sure
  28. and indoor baths
  29. a big kitchen with lots of light like this
  30. or this
  31. or this
  32. and a big wood table covered in breakfast we grow or make
  33. like this
  34. and a pink pantry
  35. a wood burning stove
  36. plants from the garden drying upside down
  37. and a library
  38. wallpaper everywhere
  39. everywhere
  40. and good light
  41. good light
  42. and laundry on the line
  43. laundry on the line
  44. there's a solarium!
  45. and little girls and farm cats
  46. and a big garden where we grow flowers and vegetables
  47. and a secret garden
  48. a geodesic greenhouse
  49. and a pink barn 💕