1. I loved The Golden Girls as a kid.
  2. I really believe that growing up in a world with The Golden Girls positively affected my view of womanhood.
  3. It made me feel like I could be tough.
  4. And confident.
  5. And goofy.
  6. And weird.
  7. And it's OK to be alone.
  8. And female friends are so important.
  9. It made me think old ladies were cool. A sentiment that is not prevalent enough in our culture.
  10. It probably had a little too much impact on my personal style.
  11. It gave me some awareness, even as a kid, of what aging means and how funny/tragic it can be. And how it's different for women than it is for men.
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  17. Also, I'm totally a Dorothy. Just recently came to terms with this.
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