Today is our last day of shooting on Comedy Bang! Bang! season 5, so we're reminiscing about all our favorite things we got to make.
  1. CBB Teeth headpiece
    I loved making this crafty chattering teeth headpiece for our live action opening sequence. 😬
  2. Stunt Show
    We did a silly stunts episode and I pitched the idea of the lil western stunt show set. I loved it.
  3. 60s Batman
    This was one of my favorite sets, complete with bookcases that open to reveal firemen's poles, leading down to the bang cave/studio.
  4. Set Re-Design
    When Reggie left, Scott wanted to update the look, so we got to give the main set a facelift for new guy Kid Cudi.
  5. How to Host
    We did a really great dumb set for a silly corporate instructional video.
  6. The Brew
    This is a great episode. We got to create both a very bland daytime talk show-like set (a la The View) as well as a Buffy-esque library set where the Witch Busters hang out.
  7. Rocky Horror
    We recreated Rocky Horror vibes on set for our Season 4 Halloween episode, including the pièce de résistance: a working elevator (on a forklift) for Scott/Dr. Frankenfurter's entrance.
  8. Bikini Beach
    We filled the studio with tons of sand and 60s beach party/Christmas vibes for our season 4 finale.
  9. Medieval
    This season we turned the CBB set into King Arthur's court
  10. Spinoff
    This season we built a booze cruise tiki bar for a beloved character's spinoff sitcom.