gettin' it in to Santa just under the wire
  1. a vintage boss lady mug
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  2. a sad couch lion
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  3. a button maker
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  4. a mixed emotions club satin jacket by Tuesday Bassen, with my name embroidered on it, to fulfill all my childhood dreams of being a pink lady
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  5. an Eames storage unit
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  6. all the Frye boots
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  7. a 70s vista cruiser
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  8. a geodesic dome clubhouse
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  9. fancy af train travel
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  10. sparkly ufo paintings by Esther Pearl Watson
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  11. successful beach glass hunting
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  12. this tigereye vintage Rolex
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  13. a camper that I build with my bare hands, that runs on diet cola and banana peels, and three months to drive around in it
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