1. Spike / Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Arguably the best character arc on television, and a performance that turns a high potential for cheesiness into pure heartbreaking heartthrob.
  2. Dan Conner / Roseanne
    Fixes Harleys, chases unrealized dreams, supports his wife in all her endeavors, bad temper, great smile, total charming hunk.
  3. Seth Cohen & Ryan Atwood / The O.C.
    I love them both, but the best thing about them is their relationship. One of the best depictions on television of a true bromance (I hate that word, but it certainly applies). The evolution of their love from opposites to allies to friends to brothers is wonderful to watch and full of sincere affection. Also, they may be opposites but they're both adorable.
  4. Don Draper / Mad Men
    Don Draper is the personification of America. Mysterious, greedy and of questionable morals but so damn lovable.
  5. Coach Taylor / Friday Night Lights
    I love it when he yells inspirational stuff. Also he and Tami have the best marriage on TV and she's a total badass so him loving her makes him even more lovable. Also, look at him: Hunk.
  6. Jim Halpert / The (American) Office
    Silly hair, good at pranks, voice of reason except when he's not, pines admirably, romantic hero for the modern age.
  7. Tim / The (British) Office
    The OG office hero, but a more tragic UK version, self deprecating af, so good at bringing that unrequited yet steadfast Jane Austen-esque longing to the modern workplace.
  8. Keith Mars / Veronica Mars
    Logan is Logan, but Keith is the true peanut butter to Veronica's jelly. So brave, best dad, hunk.
  9. The Piemaker / Pushing Daisies
    Lee Pace is so beautiful it's weird that he hasn't been in everything ever filmed just so people could look at him more. But his silent longing for a love that can never be really puts him over the top on the road to hunksville.
  10. Ben Covington / Felicity
    I know he's no good. But that's the attraction right? that and watching him slowly fall for Felicity because he just can't help it.
  11. Lincoln Rice / Broad City
    He is so chill and calm and lovable. he's such a great foil for crazy Ilana and I love that he's a dentist.
  12. Sid / Skins
    This boy is so darling, and then when he sings Cat Stevens 😻
  13. Fox Mulder / The X-Files
    Great hair, smart af, good at workplace sexual tension, and he just wants to believe.
  14. Henry Standing Bear / Longmire
    I love this man. His wardrobe is 💯, he never uses contractions, and when he goes all vigilante he gets unspeakably hot, also he gets beat up all the time which makes me want to take care of him.
  15. Tim Riggins / Friday Night Lights
    I knew aesthetically that Riggins was a hunk, I understood intellectually that he was a bad boy, which would add to the allure, but the fact that he's actually the sweetest most vulnerable character on FNL is just over the top gratuitously unfairly and unreasonably hunky.
  16. Malcolm Reynolds / Firefly
    Nathan at his peak perfection, complete with suspenders, melancholy, and the best delivery of Whedon-y dialogue in the 'verse. Plus, he aims to misbehave.