she's basically my role model
  1. If he came into our house, I'd just tell him, hey, you take that TV and whatever you need. Then I'd sneak upstairs and quietly call 911 and say, get this bad guy outta my house.
    on Columbus
  2. Look, it's just that hundreds of people get on my nerves. Here's the problem. ZERO people get on your nerves. Z-E-R-O. And that's why you are getting on my nerves. GET IT?
  3. What are they doing here, driving? They should be tanning and relaxing and drinking a sweet drink. They would like a mimosa.
    on seeing a car with a CA plate in ND
  4. Give my doll a kiss, because he is the only grandchild you are ever going to have.
    to our mom
  5. Can we go see those Hell's Angels?
  6. Yesterday you told me I can't have any dirt wars. Today I had NO WARS and now you're telling me I can't pee outside? how am I supposed to keep up with these rules?
  7. We're all always dying. I think we should scream about that.
    after her brother told her not to scream like she's dying unless she is really dying
  8. I believe you TRY to do nice things for me. I'm just saying, today you weren't very successful.