80s characters who could be contemporary hipsters
  1. Susan, Desperately Seeking Susan
    and her friend is kinda awesome too
  2. Andie, Pretty in Pink
    i stand by this
  3. Darleen, Roseanne
  4. David, Roseanne
  5. Nicky, Times Square
  6. Data, The Goonies
  7. Nora, Pump Up the Volume
  8. Nora's friend, Pump Up the Volume
  9. Ronald, Can't Buy Me Love
  10. Cindy, Can't Buy Me Love
  11. Dinky, Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael
  12. Denise, The Cosby Show
  13. Chris, Real Genius
  14. Sue Ellen, DTMTBD
  15. Terry, Jumping Jack Flash
  16. Lloyd, Say Anything
  17. Corey, Say Anything
  18. Alison, The Breakfast Club
  19. Chris, Stand by Me
  20. River and Martha 4 Ever
  21. Also just some more Madonna
    i mean come on 😎