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I didn't need additional research for this and I refuse to be ashamed. Don't @ me.
  1. Naboo - Thrive
    It's basically the Mediterranean. I imagine they drink a lot of red wine. Everyone loves each other and incorrupt government and sunshine. So sweet.
  2. Mustafar - Thrive
    Raging, turbulent rivers of fiery lava? My mood would vibe with this planet 90% of the time.
  3. Kamino - Die
    I would slip, fall off the side of one of those structures, and drown. Or I would die from the existential questions - how did they get there? How did they build anything?
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A shovelful from the gold mine of verbatim garbage spoken by English majors.
  1. "Oh my god, oh my god - animal larynxes are like, my favorite extracurricular field of study, you know, besides English."
  2. "Honestly I just can't fucking look at a McDonald's hamburger without thinking about the cow's life of PAIN"
    She has a McDonald's cup literally on her desk.
  3. Professor: "Can you name a piece of art that you cherish, that has greatly affected your life?" Animal-Larynx Girl: "My own short stories."
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