Isla Mujeres

A few food joints to enjoy and sights to see while on the island
  1. Soggy Peso.
    Off the ferry head straight to the Soggy Peso. Hands down my favorite spot on the island. A little palapa bar about 50ft from the water. Tacos and a Sol. Or 8 Sols. Great sunsets. Fantastic atmosphere. Completely outdoors.
  2. Playa Norte
    The defining feature of Isla Mujeres is the beach. There is a huge public beach with bright white sand and picture perfect blue water. Rent a chair and dig in for a great day. Beers and be bought. Need a break? Head to....see next
  3. Jax
    A great bar across the street from the beach. Coconut shrimp isn't half bad.
  4. Dopi's
    Located right downtown, Dodi's had some of the best steak I've ever had.
  5. Mango Cafe
    A wonderful little breakfast/lunch spot towards the center of the island. Besides the excellent food and decor, Mango Cafe had the nicest staff I encountered on the island.
  6. Island
    Rent a bike/scooter/golf cart and explore. There are not endless activities to take in--which is kind of refreshing. You can space out the touristy things and spend more time just enjoying the sun.
  7. Turtles and Dolphins
    We were traveling with a 2 yr old so we ending up taking in some kid friendly spots besides the beach. The turtle farm was a big hit. Didn't make it to the Dolphin Discovery but heard it was nice too.
  8. GreenVerde
    Another fantastic lunch/breakfast option. Located near Chedrauri