Mostly 80's album covers..
  1. First picture that showed up.. Starbucks, yum!
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  2. Is it like an old dirty storage..?
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  3. A gudeg place that looks ok. Open 'till 2am gr8
    C9f4b623 a909 4e97 82b7 4aac9cc10175
  4. A girl holding dollar bills in her hand
    C0d1aac1 9dc3 420e 91ec 8499215294ca
  5. Oou, probably a facebook profile picture of a fancy hijab gurllll~
    1db9cfa6 b8b3 4eff 80d2 d73d0b141a65
  6. Creep paintings
    Ef922819 c28f 40bf b634 c97d752202ed
  7. A not-so-big boat with my name on it
    16e220ce 7e6f 4235 a1d8 485844b22546
  8. And also a bus..
    601922f3 ba33 4486 9a11 b62fba08125f
  9. Mayang Sari ofc
    A75733e3 24ab 4ef7 998b ed8612c6402d
  10. Another album cover, but this time it's MayaNK
    60bcaa70 67a5 4243 b63b eef24c76d7c3
  11. A cute little boy sitting on a stair
    36ef5987 f4c7 4a6e 998a 68d130773656
  12. Another one
    Ebeb788a 6bd2 4d54 852d bf3d568c4de6
  13. More of him.. He's probably famous
    52de6795 31dc 450d b03a ef5c649382a8
  14. Oh, i think he is
    Fab0923c b280 4652 a58c 7a63d8612fee
  15. An empty bedroom
    0364a0c7 75e6 4017 95ba 158c4f2926a4
  16. A creepy looking 80's dude that looks exactly like Barry Gibb
    20709ab7 3683 4ce9 baf8 6f3a7782fb36
  17. A very loooong list of idk what
    D1a890ba e4c7 4108 95ae 9faf571ff346
  18. Oh, hello there!
    Ebfe0069 c9ba 4d93 b199 570a527f4d07
  19. I think that's enough
  20. MKAY BYE(⌒▽⌒)