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Last day of being 20. as requested by @katiebug4
  1. MDW 2015
    The events of this weekend were like no other. Not sure if I can even name my favorite event of this weekend but there was nothing like knocking on the random Johns house at 3am @libby_morrow @emilyknowles MDW creewwwww
  2. Abroad
    I grouped it together because I thought it was necessary. So many awesome places, ppl and times.
  3. Coming home from abroad
    I loved abroad a lot but seeing all of my friends and family after an extended time in a foreign country was great. Plus I love Christmastime in general
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Arguably the best sitcom ever created. Some may disagree with my choices (especially with the Ross scandal at #5)
  1. 1.
    Best character by far
  2. 2.
    Best sense of humor on the show
  3. 3.
    Hilarious and classic. And the best catch phrase from the show comes from him, "How you doin?"
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Some say I'm a jack of all trades
  1. Fire Safety Sales / Public Adjuster
    I'm pretty sure this was the most classic job of all and I'm pretty sure it was a Craig's list find. I had that job for a week until I realized it was a scam... They were trying to make me sell a fire safety equipment kit to people. The other part of this job was being an insurance adjuster claiming damage to people's house. supposedly I was certified to do this. yeah..
  2. Driving Ms. Daisy
    Yup. I used to drive about three old ladies around when I was 16 to do their errands or most likely the hair dressers. That was a classic as well
  3. Circle Pizza
    I made @libby_morrow quit that one for me after I trained on my first day and they told me I would be working all of the night shifts mem day weekend senior summer. Lol no.
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Food is what keeps me goin', it's a way of life. Lots from abroad bc where I had some amazing food. Some just my general go-to's. 5 is just not enough so 6 it is (prob could have done 300 tho). This is for u @libby_morrow
  1. La Crêperie de Josselin
    This has to be one of my most favorite meals of all time. The savory crepe was absolutely delicious but even more so the dessert crepe. TOFFEE AND VANILLA ICE CREAM. Words, pictures or description will never do it justice. It changed my life for the better.
  2. Oktoberfest Chicken / Pork
    Will never regret getting multiple chickens. Favorite chicken in the world. Pork is phenomenal as well. Le Coq Rico is a close second for the chicken
  3. General Tso's Chicken and Pork Panfried Dumplings
    Can't go wrong with General Tso's and dumplings. Preferably from Cin Cin with a side of veggie fried rice.
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