Arguably the best sitcom ever created. Some may disagree with my choices (especially with the Ross scandal at #5)
  1. Rachel
    Best character by far
  2. Chandler
    Best sense of humor on the show
  3. Joey
    Hilarious and classic. And the best catch phrase from the show comes from him, "How you doin?"
  4. Monica
    Nothing really to her but I for some reason always liked Monica
  5. Ross
    Biggest wiener and whiner alive. Though, the more I watch it the more I grow to love him
  6. Phoebe
    Can be so annoying. Not to mention she was the reason there was never a second part / movie to friends (a huge part of why she's #6) but to make up for it she did come up with smelly cat
  7. Frank Jr
    Lol classic. Kinda a whack job
  8. Emily
    She was a such b*tch
  9. Janice
    She needs to chilllll. Wowza definitely the most annoying character on all of Friends