The TV shows that shaped my adolescence and identity... watched "with" my parents in secret from the top of the stairs without their knowledge.
  1. The Real World
    This show used to be real people, reacting in realistic ways. They even used to have jobs on the show. Now it's a bunch of crazies trying to make it big. But in the early 90's this show shaped a generation, and helped me develop people skills. I really enjoyed watching raw human emotions and behavior, especially discussing it all with my dad (when my mom didn't know I was watching, she thought it was smut... not completely untrue, in her defense).
  2. Friends
    Since I was 4 when the show first aired and 14 when it ended, I was deemed unsuitable for the adult-centered plots. But, by the time I was 12, I was watching almost every episode while hiding and "mostly" understanding what was going on. Thanks to Chandler Bing, my sarcasm and wit developed early... and thanks to Rachel Green, my dramatics were on point early in life as well.
  3. Sex and the City
    I actually felt really bad about watching this one, the sex scenes were a lot for my pre-teen naivety to handle. But, because of it I was exposed to women being comfortable with their sexuality, something I didn't get much of in my religious, Midwestern upbringing. It taught me the importance of open-mindedness, something I won't forget to instill in my own future children. Also, fashion knows no boundaries. God bless Carrie Bradshaw.
  4. The Sopranos
    My parents were obsessed with this one. One of my most distinct memories from the early 2000's is being sent to my room at 9:45pm so my parents could watch their favorite show (& subsequently sneaking out). They never missed a week. From this I learned the importance of sharing a series with my significant other, never to miss a week of a well-executed show, and tape it if all else fails. Thanks Mom and Dad, for teaching me the importance of binge-watching, it's a skill I will use all my life.