Rupturing my Achilles Tendon (the 2nd time)

  1. Picked up sunscreen for a weekend of sun and bonding
  2. Came back the following Monday excited to finally start playing in my after work co-Ed basketball league. Met up my team at Powell and Lombard courts beforehand.
    Basketball has and forever will be my favorite sport 🏀
  3. Scored the first 2 points of the game. We reset. I was guarding an opponent and pivoted towards the basket. Hear a loud pop and see an indent on the back of my heel. Immediately crumple to the ground. Not much pain but I knew right away that I had snapped my Achilles' tendon
  4. In the ER icing my foot and beginning to mental prep myself for the months of crutches and physical therapy to come
  5. My friend was nice enough to keep me company and crack a few jokes throughout the ER
  6. Sent home with a cast and appointment to see an ortho surgeon to evaluate whether I should undergo surgery
  7. I decide to get surgery because Kobe Bryant did too. Furiously research different types of surgery + anesthesia experiences. I cry. A lot. This would be my first time.
  8. Take the week off and hangout with Karl. I try to color my anxieties away. I reach out to many friends and am appreciative for their care and love.
    Even though this injury is not life threatening at all, I somehow start living like surgery day might be my last day. Dramatic, I know. But during the days leading up to surgery I feel a calming and poignant sense of appreciation towards life and those I care about.
  9. Flowers from my team
  10. Surgery day
    dread but acceptance, "let's get this over with", looking at surgery patient status screen and counting those that are in recovery, calling will, happy pills, having both my parents in the same room together was nice, mouthwash, cool feeling of the IV, convos with the head nurse about UCSD son, getting wheeled off, jazz music, out, wake up with sore throat.
  11. First 48 hours post-op
    Painkillers, numbness, happy that I'll now be able to focus my energy on healing
  12. Good convos with Ayoon
  13. Finished a book and ordered more :)
  14. 6 days post-op hair appointment
    Dinner at Marlowes and Als Place - leg was uncomfortable but finally feeling a bit like myself, but with crutches
  15. Thankful to wake up to this
  16. New hair :)
  17. Lots of reading and healing ahead!
    Although I'm not as mobile I am thankful for the time at home where I can read and spend time being an introvert :) hoping for a speedy recovery.