Overheard While Working Bar at a Graduation Party

First and last names changed for anonymity, other than names everything is real.
  1. "This is Tom's dad, Jenny's boyfriends dad"
  2. "WHO??"
  3. "I heard that on my Sirius XM!"
  4. "Jack and Coke"
  5. "Oh you don't have Miller Lite?"
  6. "Haven't had a PBR since high school"
  7. "Reincarnation, Catholicism, it's all the same"
  8. "Hey I'm Tom, Jenny's boyfriend"
  9. "WHO??"
  10. "Jack and Coke, please"
  11. "I'm mean, it's just like Calvinism, really"
  12. "Oh, trust me, I'm from Austin"
  13. "Another Jack and Coke, please"
  14. "I would never cheat on my wife, but
  15. "So how's the oil field"
  16. "I'm tom, Jenny's boyfriend"
  17. "WHO??"
  18. "Congratulations, Jenny!"
  19. "Hook 'em Horns!"
  20. "You're not driving are you"
  21. "WHO??"
  22. "Jack and Coke, please"
  23. "Marriage is a pain in the ass"
  25. "WHO???"
  26. "Jack and Coke"