Trust me; I've torn all there is to tear, I've broken all there is to break and these are my thoughts
  1. Getting bopped on the nose
    There's no way to not cry
  2. Minor ankle sprains
    The kind where you aren't injured enough for crutches but have to hobble around
  3. Blisters
    I have nightmares about being forced to hike/run/walk many miles with a blood blister
  4. A really long, deep splinter
    You probably got it from running on a deck
  5. Hitting your funny bone
  6. Putting Purell on a paper cut
    Everyone knows this pain
  7. Wearing a backpack with sunburned shoulders
    Also included: when you sunburn the bottom of your feet
  8. Running into the corner of a table and getting jabbed in the hip
    "I've been shot!!"
  9. Stubbing your toe
  10. Filleting your skin while shaving
  11. Biting your tongue and then biting the same spot again
    Maybe even three times
  12. Pulling out a pony tail holder and having a single strand wrapped in it to yank out
  13. Sticking a Q-tip too far in your ear
    Makes me want to lie in a fetal position on the bathroom floor
  14. Popping a zit right below your nose
  15. Pinching your double chin on a bike helmet clasp
    Childhood fears
  16. Getting stepped on by someone wearing cleats
    Feels like your foot is BLEEDING