Things I Got in Trouble for in Catholic School

At the Jesuit Catholic high school I went to, an hour of JUG (Justice Under God) was assigned to each minor disciplinary offense. Each JUG was basically an hour of labor the school didn't want to pay for such as gardening, vacuuming, and moping floors. In my time, I managed to log quite a few hours "repenting" in JUG. Here are my offenses:
  1. Doing homework in the computer lab during lunch
    Didn't even know this wasn't allowed
  2. Not singing at Mass
  3. Saying our guest speaker about GMOs was "stupid"
  4. Checking the time in class on my phone
  5. Forgetting my copy of The Odyssey
  6. Skipping Mass
    Okay fair
  7. Drinking water in the library
  8. Not getting ashes on Ash Wednesday
    Tried to get out of it by saying I had an allergy and promptly got a second hour for lying
  9. Wearing ripped jeans
  10. My phone ringing in class
    Because my Grandma was trying to call me from hospice
  11. Chewing gum
  12. Siting on a desk
  13. Wearing too many bracelets
  14. Drawing a heart on my friend's hand
  15. Grinding at a dance