1. I hate the thought of Tinder
    I can't stand the idea of meeting a potential partner because I agree with the three sentences they think best show off their personality. And/or because I liked their top 5 favorite pictures. Fate wins any day in my opinion. I know I might be single forever, and I think I am ok with that.
  2. I will never be able to say "on fleek"
    I can barely type it. Did I spell it right?
  3. I love books so much
    I will never ever ever give up buying and reading books.
  4. Google Glass is more scary to me than exciting
    Pretty soon nobody will be living in the real world anymore. Or "the real world" will only exist inside our individual glasses. I don't like either option much
  5. I will remember it forever if you hold the door open for me
    It's just a nice thing to do! And I'll return the favor.
  6. People use snapchat for sex?????