On racism. Tonight when I was flying home I overheard a story that hit me like a brick and I think I made a connection I had been missing before. As a disclaimer: I am repeating this story just to explain the lesson it taught me and I truly hope my posting it doesn't offend (the story itself on the other hand should probably make you mad)
  1. A (white) woman sitting near me on the plane tonight was very loud. She was telling a story about her "very best friend ever" which was at first only mildly annoying just because of her volume
  2. It soon took a turn
  3. She mentioned that her friend "was like the blackest white girl ever"
    Due to the music she listens to, which honestly was described in a more bigoted way than I can bring myself to repeat
  4. And that "even her boyfriend is black"
  5. "but he's like really nice and chill and comes from a good family"
  6. The rest of the story is really irrelevant
    It wasn't much better and you get the point
  7. I am embarrassed
  8. I am sorry
  9. I didn't realize
    I think I am starting to realize
  10. I am beginning to see how some people are so ignorant that it could make an entire race look ignorant
  11. I always wanted to believe that people were better than this
  12. I'm ashamed