As a counterpoint to my last list, and also because being happy is better than being angry.
  1. Sparrows
    They are so cute and they just hop around everywhere like they're always excited about something. It seriously makes my day to watch them hopping and sitting on little fences. Probably my favorite bird
  2. Tiny jars of jam
    You know those little single-serving jam pots that sometimes come at brunch restaurants? I love those.
  3. Boops Boops
    There is a fish with the scientific name "Boops Boops" and I love that. Look it up on Wikipedia:
  4. The word "squeegee"
    I have no idea
  5. Sandwiches
    I've never met someone who loves them the way I do. Ask me for a list of best sandwich places and I will ramble excitedly for hours
  6. When there are no clouds in the sky at all
    This makes me so happy that I have a friend who I regularly text when I notice it just so that she knows too.
  7. Potatoes
    The word (and other words for them), the food in any form, pictures of potatoes, songs about potatoes, etc...
  8. The way outlets sometimes look like happy faces
    I used to point this out to others until I realized nobody cares as much as I do
  9. Buying the misfit item
    I like to buy slightly bruised produce, boxes with dents, things like that - I feel like nobody else will buy them if I don't and it makes me happy to give them a good home even if they're a little broken. I'm a little sappy like that.