I am so pumped about this. @ChrisK has all the best ideas
  1. I love presents and secrets so this is pretty much all I want to do during the holidays
  2. I am really excited to (hopefully) pick out amazing gifts for one of you 🎁😊
  3. Also I secretly hope this creates some fun friendships/possible romances/stories
    And that you share them with all of us of course
  4. If you happen to draw my name...
    I collect shot glasses so one from your hometown would be exciting! I also like books, mugs, and surprises
  5. If I happen to draw your name...
    Feel free to send me ideas! I like to make cards so I'll probably do that. I'll probably also stalk your old lists for ideas just FYI.
  6. Did I mention I am excited??
  7. 🎁❄️🌲🎅