I appreciate the wonderfully honest and open beta community but after learning that I can't retroactively hide my lists, here are some I was considering but won't make yet :)
  1. Work Horrors I've Experienced
    A list which probably contains some stories that could get me in a lot of trouble
  2. Stupid Things I Did Because I Had a Crush On You
    A list that would probably identify a lot of secret crushes and also make me look like an idiot
  3. Things I Want My Friends to Stop Doing on Social Media
    A list where I complain about people's oversharing habits
  4. Perfectly Normal Objects I've Cried Over Recently
    A list where I look very emotional and sentimental (and maybe a little crazy?)
  5. Secret Fears About Being in Grad School
    A list where I am full of self-doubt and lack of direction
  6. Why Everyone Should Go To Therapy
    A list where I am very real about how therapy can help