Not sure if this has been done but I want to hear about everyone's first concerts! Embarrassing? Really awesome? (also I give @sarahdessen credit for this idea as I saw a note about her first concert on a different list)
  1. Red Hot Chili Peppers
    I felt so cool going as a middle-schooler, and I still think this was a solid first concert choice. They put on an awesome show!
  2. Hilary Duff
    I went with @christine and we sat in the balcony and I brought child bird watching binoculars so I could see her an inch closer. But honestly it was such a good first concert and exactly what little 11 year old me needed.
    Suggested by @ErinFlaherty
  3. Bon Jovi
    Went with a group of high school friends and a girl I had a crush on. Then quickly realized there was a girl with us I had a bigger crush on. Also a 40 something year-old lady slapped my friends' ass.
    Suggested by @joshbard
  4. Talib Kweli
    Wasn't until freshman year of college! I got a souvenir cup, but I left it there. Otherwise, it was solid. (Also, he has the same initials as you. Spooky.)
    Suggested by @agard
  5. The All That: Music and More Tour
    Usher, 98 Degrees, Aaron Carter, and Mya. I am actually amazed they were able to convince this crew to tour together.
    Suggested by @babystevens
  6. Backstreet Boys
    The Black and Blue tour. I got my braces 2 weeks before and got black and blue rubber bands. My mom and I had GREAT seats.
    Suggested by @ohlauren
  7. Paul McCartney
    I was in the fourth grade and my dad is really rad, so he got us tickets. I fell asleep during the last few songs because I was only 8 or 9. I also had to be back at school the next morning, so I hid the concert from my friends and teacher because for some weird reason I thought I'd get in trouble for being out so late.
    Suggested by @kaitlynvella
  8. The Everly Brothers
    I was 6-ish and under the impression that the library sale vinyl I listened to endlessly was current music. Then two old guys got on stage. But they killed. I learned shortly after that Sonny and Cher broke up (a decade earlier). It was a difficult time.
    Suggested by @AllieLarkin
  9. the Offspring
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    I was in 8th grade.I got this shirt. Americana had just come out. they beat up mannequins dressed as N*Sync. it was so punk rock.
    Suggested by @connur
  10. Chumbawumba
    I was 10 and when I heard they were coming to Summerfest I was DYING to see them. My aunt and her boyfriend (now my uncle!) took me to the 10pm show. I didn't know any other song besides Tubthumper but it was great.
    Suggested by @davidsonsarah01
  11. Bush
    Oh Gavin. my parents friends had to take us because my mom (who let me go to raves) is terrified of arena concerts. I didn't tell my mom but he stayed in the car the whole time.
    Suggested by @dena
  12. Michael Jackson
    Suggested by @shanaz
  13. Kanye West
    The Yeezus Tour. Breathing the same air as Yeezy was oddly humbling.
    Suggested by @julieuhls
  14. One Direction
    I had never before followed a band so closely that I actually cared about seeing them live. This was during their first tour. My teenage heart could barely handle it. They were great. I saw them again in 2014.
    Suggested by @marissa
  15. Dave Matthews Band
    Been a fan for more than half of my life. Seen them 38 times all around the country. But my first one was also my first concert ever. June 11, 2001 at Giants Stadium. Amazing moment towards the end during two step in the encore. It started to storm. Hail. The thunder sounded like it was in time with carter's drums. We were 60,000 people happily dancing in the rain and hail, without a care in the world. Such an amazing moment in my life.
    Suggested by @dmbanthony
  16. Cheap Trick
    I was a freshman in high school and saw Cheap Trick in a small venue with my dad. Our seats were in the 11th row and it was an incredible concert that I'll never forget. Besides how awesome the performance was, it was also awesome because the ticket holder of the seat next to me showed up really late to the show reeking of marijuana and starting encroaching my personal space, but I held my ground and wasn't fazed for a minute. Proud moment for 14 year old me!
    Suggested by @neanbean
  17. Bryan Adams - Solo Acoustic
    It's kind of embarrassing to tell people but it was actually a good show. My dad took me and Bryan sounded great!
    Suggested by @lostinsound
  18. Jan & Dean
    My parents loved going to concerts. I had just turned 5. It was at The Big Fresno Fair. We got to the grandstand early to get good seats ( the concerts there used to be general seating). About 1/2 way through the concert they asked for the kids to come join them onstage. My Mom took me to the stage and Dean picked me up and held me while they sang.
    Suggested by @krissybell76
  19. Weird Al Yankovic
    I was 11, and Weird Al was playing at Ocean Downs racetrack in Ocean City, MD. My whole family went. It was really fun and hilarious. I remember that he changed costumes between every song and they had funny fake PSAs to pass the time during costume changes. Probably one of the best concerts I've been to still.
    Suggested by @macnchz
  20. Petra
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    I was 14 and the boy I liked (now husband!) asked me to go see this Christian Rock band. His dad had the company suite and said he could bring a friend. His parents were devastated he asked a girl. My parents were horrified it wasn't Amy Grant. They would have been more upset if they knew I stayed inside the suite playing cards.
    Suggested by @ebsquared