Inspired by @ListPrompts - this was a disaster
  1. I was in high school, and I met this boy who was really outgoing and funny. We flirted a lot in Spanish class, we exchanged numbers, and all that cute high school stuff
  2. One day he came over to my house. I was really nervous - my parents weren't home, and I was pretty sure I knew what was going to happen
  3. We went into my room (of course), and he kissed me.
    We made out for a little while
  5. I hated it.
  6. Everyone else always seemed to like kissing!
    I felt like a freak. Then I was pretty sure I liked girls instead of boys. I couldn't understand how anyone thought this was fun. I was so confused.
  7. I spent the next two years feeling like something was wrong with me
  8. But finally, I had a second kiss
    ..and a third, and a fourth, and so on.
  9. And I realized he was just not a good kisser
    Sloppy and too forceful and not my kind of thing at all
  10. I do like kissing after all
  11. 😘💋