Someone started this list idea a long time ago, and it's been in my drafts for a while. Possibly my last personal list before things go public! I felt like I should put it out there
  1. 2015: I will never get over this breakup/I will never feel like myself again
    Jury is still out on this one
  2. 2014: Will I get into a graduate school I like? Are my scores good enough? What if I don't pick the right program?
  3. 2013: Will I ever have the guts to quit my job and go to school for something I love?
  4. 2012: I think I'm going to get fired and I hate my boss
  5. 2011: Am I ever going to have a life plan?
    Probably not. But that's ok
  6. 2010: What do I want to do with my life now that I graduated? Can I really leave Madison yet?
  7. 2009: Was the mole I had removed cancerous/has it spread?
    It wasn't, thankfully.
  8. 2008: Am I really making the most of college? Am I working too much/not studying enough/doing this right?
  9. 2007: I am unhealthy and don't know how to make it better. I don't know if it will get better.
  10. 2006: What if all my friends forget me when I move away for school?
  11. 2001-2005: General teen angst about high school, friends, and not being good enough at anything
  12. 2000: One day I forgot to wear deodorant and people might know it's me who smells.
  13. 1999: OMG middle school I am not cool enough for this
  14. 1998: The movie The Bodyguard with Whitney Houston
  15. 1997: My teacher wrote a note to my parents that I am too messy and I might get in trouble
  16. 1996: Will I ever make friends? Will my teacher like me?
    I had the coolest teacher this year. Also, this was when I met the best friend mentioned in later years, so these fears were not necessary
  17. 1995: I won't be the best in the spelling bee
    I was/am such a nerd
  18. 1994: Are there any books I like to read at school?
  19. 1993: This kid named Nicholas always tried to shoot my stuffed puppy at playtime and it made me very upset
  20. 1992: What if I drop the baby???
  21. 1991: My parents are going to forget about me (baby sister). Will they like her better?
  22. 1990: "what do I smell? I smell smoke!"
    Apparently young me just walked around saying this everywhere..
  23. 1989: Is there more food?
  24. 1988: coo