I've been between places for a while and it is getting very old. Here are some fun facts about moving around
  1. Number of times I've correctly given an address when asked for one
    Number of times I've stuttered, mumbled, and eventually offered either my parents address or the sad fact that I don't have one: 4
  2. Thousands of miles driven while bouncing from place to place
    It's probably closer to 3,000 but I already had a 3
  3. Major cities "lived" in during this time
    Chicago, Madison, Minneapolis
  4. Friends with whom I have cuddled
  5. Boxes of thank you cards I've purchased to send all my wonderful friends
  6. Bags of stuff I carry to each new location
  7. Weeks I've been without a place
  8. Number of times I've forgotten/misplaced deodorant
    Also, number of deodorants I now own
  9. Things I already know I've left behind somewhere
    Including food, cat toys, and stupidly, all the paperwork for my new apartment
  10. Beds/couches I've slept in