I am going through some really rough things in life right now and this was one of those tiny empowering moments where I thought just maybe things might be ok
  1. I was walking up the path to work two days ago and I saw a ladybug on the stone ledge by the door. It was rolling around in a bit of old spiderweb, trapped, on its back, helpless
    This was just a piece of web, so no concerns, I'm not hurting the spider either
  2. Feeling sort of like the ladybug at the time, I felt compelled to stop for a while and attempt to peel away the bits of web
  3. Lots of people looked at me like I was weird
  4. I got a bunch of web off, moved it a little out of the way, and went to work
  5. The next day, I came back up the path and was a little distraught to see the ladybug again. Its wings could move a bit more and it was still hanging in there though
  6. I realized it might be hot on the brick in the sun, so I moved it over to the grassy area where there was shade and hopefully food
    Cue more weird looks from colleagues
  7. Today, I walked over to the area where I had left the ladybug and it was gone
  8. I believe that it flew away, or crawled away, and that its tiny struggle was successful
    It did not get eaten by something. I know what you're thinking. This is a happy ending
  9. I felt peaceful for a minute