Live-listing a seemingly endless night at the airport. Original flight time: 9:40 pm
  1. 9:20 pm - Original boarding time
    Our plane hadn't arrived yet
  2. 10:00 pm - When the plane was going to leave New York (to come to us) in ten minutes
    Spoiler alert: it didn't
  3. 10:30 pm - Plane did not leave New York on time
  4. 12:00 am - Mad rush to line up for boarding before the storm
    "Storm" doesn't bode well...
  5. 12:30 am - Mechanical trouble
    A fun plot twist
  6. 1:30 am - There's that storm we were talking about!
    But it should pass in ten minutes, it's moving quickly
  7. 2:10 am - Still sitting on the runway
    This is one of the biggest thunderstorms I've ever seen. I am not kidding.
  8. ???
    Currently watching the storm from the teeny windows.