As requested by @clairesings; transcribed from
  1. Here and now, I have only these hands,
  2. this mouth, this skin as wide as a shoreline,
  3. this beehive between my ears, this buzz, this buzz.
  4. You are the best thing I never planned.
  5. This is the widest I can stretch my arms without
  6. dropping things. This is the first time I don’t care
  7. if I drop things. This is what dropping
  8. things feels like. This is what happens when
  9. the flowers wake up one morning and decide to
  10. smell human: it confuses us, makes us
  11. reach backwards into places that are sharp,
  12. feel around for things we’ve dropped. I have
  13. forgotten what I was looking for. It doesn’t
  14. seem important. You brought me flowers.
  15. You made the bed. This is the widest I can
  16. stretch my arms. This is all I have right now.