For days when you don't want to leave your home and instead want to let yourself feel sad about heartbreak or a bruised ego or nothing in particular
  1. Starch
    My go-to dishes to make when wallowing are mashed potatoes (the more butter and heavy cream, the better) or risotto (you get a side bonus of a little arm workout).
  2. Crappy Christmas rom coms
    When I feel truly low, it doesn't matter what time of the year it is, a crappy Christmas movie is in order - especially if it looks like it could have been played on the Hallmark channel (aka bad writing, extremely predictable, and overflowing with Yuletide glee).
  3. A pair of underwear and a baggy sweatshirt
    Real clothes are not allowed including bras, or anything fitted. Exceptions can only be made to look somewhat presentable when answering the door for the delivery person (but usually I border on inappropriate when I greet the guy from my go-to sushi place).
  4. Comfy pillows
    You will definitely be falling in and out of sleep on the couch as your brain turns to mush in front of the television, so you may as well be comfortable when that happens.
  5. No phones allowed
    Let it die. You won't get that text you're expecting. Social media will give you total FOMO. Let yourself be truly alone so that you can get over the wallowing and start the next day utterly refreshed.