1. You were 12 and you didn’t know anything about life, except that it was hurting you.
  2. When you turned sixteen you felt unwelcome at home. You started blabbing about being emancipated at 17 because you didn’t know how else to express your frustration, couldn’t tell your parents how lonely you were. You sounded crazy, your friends humored you.
  3. You turned 17.
  4. You turned 18 and suddenly a man-made law made you a burden because you were free to leave your family, but had nowhere to go.
  5. You spent a year in bed after high school, terrified of the world. Suffocating from it.
  6. And you lost everything.
  7. Now you’re twenty-one. You’re enrolled in college. You have a job. You have friends, a brand new foundation of support you didn't know could exist,
  8. and you are hurting in all new ways and the same ones since you were 12.