Images I Saved Recently... With Comments

  1. Just look at all that milk in Paul Newman's Fridge! And mostly non-fat. Mesmerized...
  2. I made this because it is clearly the best possible outcome.
  3. Because Deadpool is right. Scott is awful.
  4. Pretty sure I was trying to force a reboot.
  5. I always name my diseases after Andy Dick.
  6. Because I have to wonder why they ate 25 platefuls if the food was so bad.
  7. Went to see the Hateful 8 Roadshow and I needed the online receipt to get my real ticket. It was great BTW.
  8. I was wondering if I missed the scene where Batman bit off half of Superman's finger.
  9. Who doesn't need a pictorial map of Westeros?
  10. Because Greg Maddux made my dodgeball team.
  11. My son has a big brain.
  12. So does my daughter