Favorite is such a subjective criteria. I have seen better movies in many of these years, but I gravitate toward the offbeat, the goofy, and the just plain cool.
  1. 1967 The War Wagon
    John Wayne AND Kirk Douglas
  2. 1968 Yellow Submarine
    This movie is bananas
  3. 1969 True Grit
    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid is probably the better movie, but we're talking favorites here.
  4. 1970 MASH
    This feels like a thin year, but I did like MASH
  5. 1971 A Clockwork Orange
    Much tougher year than 1970, but this one wins out over Wonka and about six other good movies.
  6. 1972 The Godfather
    A special shout out to Dirty Little Billy though.
  7. 1973 American Graffiti
    Harrison Ford before anyone knew who he was.
  8. 1974 Blazing Saddles
    Yeah. I know. Should Be Godfather 2 or Chinatown. Maybe even Young Frankenstein, but the heart wants what the heart wants.
  9. 1975 Rocky Horror Picture Show
    But Jaws was great...
  10. 1976 The Bad News Bears
    Some solid movies this year, but Matthau is the best
  11. 1977 Smokey and the Bandit
    Sure I love Star Wars, but the Bandit would totally have made the Kessel Run in like, eight parsecs.
  12. 1978 National Lampoon's Animal House
    But Drunken Master is a close second.
  13. 1979 Breaking Away
    Made a fat kid want to be a bicycle racer
  14. 1980 The Empire Strikes Back
    This is an insanely tough year. Just a ton of good movies. Second entry on the list for Ford.
  15. 1981 Continental Divide
    Sure, there were some good movies, but this is my all time Favorite Belushi movie.
  16. 1982 Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan
    Sue me
  17. 1983 Valley Girl
    Is this movie in 3D? No, but your face is.
  18. 1984 Repo Man
    My favorite movie of all time
  19. 1985 To Live and Die in LA
    One of the best action movies of all time.
  20. 1986 Something Wild
    This year is insanely good for movies. I could have picked any of eight movies I loved.
  21. 1987 Empire of the Sun
    I'm not as big a Spielberg fan as most, but this is my favorite of all he has made.
  22. 1988 Dangerous Liaisons
    I absolutely cannot choose between Die Hard and Bull Durham, so I went with this hate filled kitty... Despite Keanu.
  23. 1989 Sex, Lies, and Videotape
    But Say Anything and Batman were right up there.
  24. 1990 The Hot Spot
    Surprisingly few movies I was passionate about this year, so I am going with this underrated potboiler, directed by the great Dennis Hopper.
  25. 1991 The Fisher King
    Silence of the Lambs is the better movie, but I can't make myself watch it. Too disturbing.
  26. 1992 The Player
    Put Jimmy Smits in it and you've got a sexy Stand and Deliver
  27. 1993 True Romance
    Take a Tarantino Script. give it to Tony Scott. Magic!
  28. 1994 Pulp Fiction
    Another great year for movies. The Professional or Shawshank could just as easily have topped this list, and I still love Speed.
  29. 1995 Dead Man
    There was a time when Johnny Depp could act without showing off.
  30. 1996 Swingers
    I almost went with Fargo, but I've watched this so many more times.
  31. 1997 Boogie Nights
    Grosse Point Blank gets the honorable mention
  32. 1998 The Big Lebowski
    That's just like... My opinion man.
  33. 1999 Fight Club
    Too many good movies this year
  34. 2000 Almost Famous
    Cameron Crowe finally makes the list.
  35. 2001 Ghost World
    So much to love about this movie.
  36. 2002 Spider-Man
    Not many movies I loved this year. Igby Goes Down was the only other competition.
  37. 2003 Elf
    Not a big year either. Lost in Translation is the runner up.
  38. 2004 Shaun of the Dead
    Just a fun movie
  39. 2005 Forty Year Old Virgin
    Damned funny
  40. 2006 Idiocracy
    An uncompromising documentary
  41. 2007 Juno
    Yes Homeslice, I said Juno
  42. 2008 The Dark Knight
    An all time favorite
  43. 2009 Up in the Air
    Two Jake Kasden movies make the list
  44. 2010 Scott Pilgrim Versus the World
    A thin year
  45. 2011 Bridesmaids
    A special place in my Heart
  46. 2012 The Avengers
    Twins were born this year so my number of movies watched plummeted.
  47. 2013 Only Lovers Left Aive
    Second Jim Jarmusch movie to make the list
  48. 2014 Gone Girl
    Gloriously unhinged. A second Fincher.
  49. 2015 The Martian
    Although I just saw Spotlight and it was great
  50. 2016 (so far) Deadpool
    I haven't seen much.