1. My parents bought it from friends for my sister.
    She didn't like driving it. I did.
  2. It was French!
    With the full ennui package.
  3. It had a Blaupunkt
    With auto reverse! The auto reverse didn't work right though, so it just played things backwards... Even better!
  4. It had a sunroof!
    Although I live in Tucson so it was more of a moonroof. My friend Tim broke the plastic wind guard on my 19th birthday by trying to stand up in it (against my instructions). He never apologized because... he was Tim. After that, it got quite breezy if I opened it.
  5. It was diesel!
    Breath deep!
  6. It had thick rubber bumpers.
    They came in handy a few times. People had a tendency to rear end me.
  7. I felt very cool driving it...
    Even though I am not remotely cool in any way.
  8. Eventually the engine had major issues and with Peugeot longer in America. It made more sense to move on.
    Hello Chevy!
  9. I miss it