Things I'm going to miss about Alaska

Leaving on a jet plane tonight back to ColoRADo and I've learned to love so much about this state
  1. Kaladi Bros coffee
    The best in Alaska. Every coffee shop I liked here was brewing their beans, and I was always happy to simply enjoy the aroma at their anchorage location (while sipping a delicious brew and eating a freshly made bagel and cream cheese). Also, the friendliest baristas in town!
  2. The people
    Alaska Ida lot like Colorado in that its population is half local and half from somewhere else. Everyone is fiercely in love with this state and playing outside. I have never experienced such generosity when out camping, and so happy to feel warmly accepted into the circle of those who worship the outdoors.
  3. The mountains
    Like this one, Pioneer Peak
  4. The valleys
    Like this one, Hatcher's Pass
  5. The flowers
    Ohhh the wild flowers everywhere! (Wreath by Teal)
  6. The streams
    Can you believe water like this occurs in nature?
  7. The people