First day off after finishing my many possibilities to ponder and then not choose
  1. Eat ice cream sandwiches for breakfast
    This proved to be easy to not do because it would require me to wake up and roll out of bed and walk a few easy feet to the fridge. Not happening on account of I'm lazy.
  2. Go on a backpacking trip
    Slowly the idea waned from possibility to not happening since I woke to the sounds of rain and it seemed much cozier in bed. Moving about later I noted it was still gray, and slightly the thought in my brain switched fully from "yes camping!" To "mehhhhh"
  3. Get out of the house
    The jury is out on whether I will exit these premises and interact fully with the outside world. I have completed step I: taking a shower.
  4. Packing
    After working hard these past 2 months, I don't feel like doing anything I "should" do, and instead am trying to do all the things I want to do. Ahhh laziness is a drug!