1. Liars and rip-offs!
  2. Maintenance recalls. Took vehicle in for corrosion protection. Informed there wouldn't be any washing under vehicle to get existing salt off. Their car lot doesn't even have a car wash that cleans the underbody.
  3. They will just "spray any debris off with air."
  4. Informed this probably wouldn't be a problem. Saw the look on my face. It most likely won't be a problem. Saw the look on my face remained. Then informed that "it won't be a problem."
    Informed him I would feel better taking the vehicle to have the underbody washed first.
  5. Then the key got locked in the vehicle because the man shut the door with the key in the ignition. No apology. "I'll see if I can make another key with the VIN number." He walked away and came back a few minutes later stating he wasn't able to make one.
  6. Had to go back home to get the spare key.
  7. Informed the day before this would only take a couple of hours. Six hours later...found out the car needs new ball joints, and there is another problem too. It would be dangerous to drive it like it is. "Don't you hear sounds when you turn the wheel or when driving at a high speed?"
  8. Inform him we did not hear the sounds.
  9. $1,600 of necessary work
  10. Informed him I want to take the car and get a second opinion.
  11. Tried to talk me out of it twice.
  12. No thanks.
  13. Dealerships.
  14. Picked up the car, along with the nicely prepared, in color "Our Valued Customer" booklet.
    Not just $1,600....now the necessary repairs are at $5,153.81.
  15. How can they rob people like that? Necessary repairs are even listed twice in their pamphlet. They even said they can finance the repairs at 0% interest, while trying to talk me out of the second opinion.
    You know that they get away with this sometimes! How unethical!
  16. The second opinion appointment proved worthwhile....less than $700 was spent.