1. So yesterday I interviewed with two women.
  2. One was WAY at the other end of the spectrum than myself. Ha, ha, ahhh.
  3. She had perfectly coiffed hair, which was nothing like my own. Not a hair out of place, but not red.
  4. In comparison to hers, my hair felt like this on top of my head.
  5. She wore a jacket. I wore a dress.
  6. She spoke with the qualities of a woman with the most proper upbringing.
  7. I couldn't remember the words that I would have liked to have come out of my mouth.
  8. After my interview, and after I walked out, I imagined they both said to each other: "No."
  9. Maybe next time.
  10. I don't want to be in another confining position anyway! All that I'm basically having a problem with is that I really don't want to be rejected.