1. Empowered
    I knew I was capable of great things but actually doing them just feels fucking right.
  2. Strong
    kinda hurt, kinda felt good. Like a workout. It's all about the journey
  3. Firm
    Tummy is a little further out and feeling tight. I'm in sweats though so it's fine.
  4. Tired
    Is it because of all the bread or because I waited 4 years for carmas lazy ass employees to make it?
  5. A little guilty
    So it made me a little sad and hate myself and consider a water only diet until I'm back at my birth weight but all good things come with that guilt. Right?
  6. Thirsty
    Sexual as well as physical thirst. Post bagel sex is never what you think it will be though. Post bagel hydration is satisfying every time.