1. Emotionally unstable contestants getting drunk on night 1 and going home 2 hours later
  2. Bad kissing
    This is my favorite part. Some kisses are painfully bad and you can tell as a viewer that both people aren't enjoying it. They say nothing, America says nothing, but I'm screaming.
  3. Chris Harrison dramatically speaking with contestants
  4. Crying
    So much of this
  5. More crying
  6. Hot tub dates
    I swear all one-on-one dates end with two people in a hot tub, gracefully sipping champagne
  7. Insincere claims of "falling in love" after 1 hot tub date
    This is CLASSIC and honestly a little bit psychotic. The show only occurs over a 6 week period and even then they shouldn't be IN LOVE. Especially when the guy is dating 12 other women at the same time.
  8. Engagements that lead to marriages officiated by Chris Harrison
    ....broadcasted on ABC
  9. Failed marriages
  10. Additional crying and life-long disappointment